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This area will contain a sub-navigation menu for each of the gallery album categories, such as Holidays, Vacations, Camping, Family, etc.

I will either have slide down sub-navs that will contain the names of each of the sub-albums in a category (i.e., Michigan, Alaska, Passover '05, etc.) or I might use something like the DW accordian extension and house each sub-album in individual panels.

More likely the second than the first, because I haven't yet figured out if it is possible to have the sliding menu stay open once selected, and this will make keeping track of where one is difficult.

I have already built the menu ... copied directly from Stu Nichols

I would like this area to display the fullsize images that will appear when a thumbnail is clicked. Herein lies the problem. Stu Nicholls ( ) made this happen by keeping the thumbnails and the fullsize image in the same div. I want to do this same thing, but have the fullsize image appear in a different div, so I don't have to change the thumbnail div that is already working beautifully ~ is this possible?

The thumbnail gallery is a modification of the hoverbox gallery presented by Nathan Smith ( ) using Stu Nicholls' horizontal and vertical classes for the popup thumbnails

If this is possible, then is it also possible to have a link selected on a page pop into a div on the page without reloading the entire page? If so, then I could simply click the link to a particular gallery album and have it pop into the "thumbnail-area" div of the "gallerycontent" div. This isn't really possible, is it?

Yes, I also modified Nathan Smith's menu system as well, although he used a fixed width for his links, but his site is also fixed width. I couldn't quite figure out how to get mine to be a specific width with the edges touching, despite many attempts to specify the width, but I think it looks nice anyway.

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